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A Hypnosis Show Tailored for Different Events


King of Comedy

Corporate comedy hypnotist/comedy entertainer Robert Maxwell always offers a 100% clean show, unique, fun and ethical that is sure to leave a positive impression on your guests. Satisfaction and long lasting belly laughs are guaranteed.Always an excellent choice for any corporate event. Hilariously funny, highly entertaining, and always offers a clean hypnosis show, “the most fun you will ever have with all your clothes on!”


Special Events

Fund-raisers, Festivals, Fairs, Exhibitions, Ladies Nights, Casino Nights, Theme Parties, an all Adult or a Family Friendly Show… the choice is yours.


High School - Collages

Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell presents one-of-a-kind comedy hypnosis show for any type of high school event that the students will remember for a lifetime. Students have the choice to see the show or be the show, the choice is theirs.

Televison, Radio

News & Film

FUN, UNIQUE, MEMORABLE! Off the wall Laughs. Robert Maxwell makes a fantastic guest for your show. With years of experience on television and radio shows, Robert has proven to bring in the ratings. Make Robert a guest on your next show…everyone will be glad you did!

Comedy Hypnosis Show for Every Occasion

No two shows are a like.

Custom Shows Availible too!

Robert has a show for any occasion or theme. Robert Maxwell will tailor the show to fit the audience. From small corporate events of 50 audience members to corporate and community events and Festivals of over 10,000 people in attendance, Robert Maxwell is your entertainer. With Robert Maxwell’s 25+ years experience as a professional entertainer / hypnotist, Robert instinctively knows what is best for the show and the audience and he is professional enough to make the educated and calculated decision that will guarantee the outcome that you want.... laughter.

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    Robert Maxwell is a Genius at making people laugh, fantastic!
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    Ideal Entertainment for any Corporate Event!

Hire Robert NOW! His Team will make it easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Most Asked Questions

No show can be truly successful unless the audience understands all the aspects of the event.

It is very important for the guests to know what they are going to experience. Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell offers a completely funny and ethical show for every age-group of people. Each and every show is unique in its own character and no two shows are alike.

Robert always makes sure that his acts and performances fit the audience and provide throughout clean entertainment. He works very hard to ensure your comfort and amusement so that you can sit back, relax, enjoy the night and go to work next day without any worries.

Robert guarantees that you will not have to face any kind of embarrassment after being hypnotized on stage and why would he?? After all he is an entertainer with only one purpose that is to make your evening a hilarious one to remember with joy for the rest of your life. The cream of all Robert Maxwell shows is that you are going to have the funniest and craziest night of your life, definitely with all your clothes on! Here are some frequent and most obvious queries that you can use for your general knowledge about any Robert Maxwell Show:

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, similar to that of day dreaming.Everyone goes into “trance or hypnosis” every day.
Absolutely, absolutely not just kidding!! No one can hypnotize you against your will. You need to be completely willing to go into hypnosis.
Absolutely Not. Robert cannot make you do anything against your will and ethics. What you see in movies is just a fantasy or Hollywood stuff. Your mind has a natural defense against harmful suggestions. Moreover, Robert Maxwell is a comedy hypnotist, who holds strong ethics for his stage performances and the safety of his volunteers.
Well, the answer is simply yes. Anyone with average intelligence and ability to focus and concentrate is eligible for hypnosis. I would say the more intelligent a person is the easier it is for him/her to go into a hypnotic trance.
The answer is NO, Robert is only there to entertain and have fun with the volunteers on stage and Not to embarrass or ask any embarrassing questions.
The answer is Yes, you will remember everything you've done on stage.
The answer is Yes, providing your only tipsy and not intoxicated.
The answer is No, it is never a good idea to go on stage or do any activity while taking prescription medication.
The answer is No, as we will be participating in some very physical activity on stage and for your safety, it’s probably best to sit and just enjoy the show.
The answer is No, it would not be advisable to participate after undergoing a recent surgery.
The answer is Yes, Robert’s show is always clean and audience appropriate. And never oversteps the boundary of good taste.
The average show length is between 60 to 90 minutes and can be customized to suit your needs, but ideally, the 90-minute format is best and the most fun.
The cost will vary depending on the size the audience and the location of the event and other factors, it’s best to call the office for more details and a more accurate quote.
Robert can do either and all adult audience or a family show. Everything from Family fundraisers to ladies nights. Robert’s show can be customized for any age and any audience.
Robert has over 30+ years as a full-time professional entertainer.
NO. The answer is absolutely NOT. It is always best to let your guests know exactly what entertainer and type of entertainment they are having at the event.
The answer is yes, so you know you are in good hands.
The more the merrier, the bigger the audience the funnier the show. However, Robert does require a minimum of 50 people in attendance.
The minimum age for volunteers on stage is 16 years old.
Robert does an open call so he assures the that has willing volunteers on stage.
Wherever it is possible it is best to have a large raised stage so that the audience sitting in the back can see. If a raised stage is not available then at least a stage area that is against the wall will do. However it very important to keep the stage or stage area away from high traffic i.e. washrooms, kitchen doorways, bars etc. Be sure to call the office and ask for more details.
In a perfect world and whenever it is possible a 12 x 24 is ideal. However the larger the stage the more volunteers the more fun we all have.
Only 16 to 20 sturdy, comfortable armless chairs will be needed for the volunteers. However, it depends on the size of the stage and should be discussed prior to show.
For local shows, Robert usually supplies a professional 1200 watt sound system including the main speakers, floor monitors, mp3 player and cordless microphone and lights. Although for out of the town engagements the organizers are needed to provide all these and should be discussed prior to the event. Be sure to contact the office.
If the event is indoors then depending upon the weather, Air conditioning is needed for the comfort of the audiences and volunteers. It is important for any indoor shows to adjust the temperature prior to the show as to not make it to cold for volunteers on stage.
Ideally, for outdoor events, it’s always best to be under a tent where the volunteers have shade and are kept out of the elements.
For Roberts comedy hypnosis show, audiences should not be close enough to distract the volunteers. However, they should be close enough to enjoy the show comfortably.
You supply all the information and Robert’s office will supply you with a downloadable poster.
For shows, two hours or more from Hamilton, accommodation will be required for the evening.
How many people should be in attendance - The more, the better. I will need minimum 50 people for a standard show. However if the show is smaller that 50 (office party)give the office a call to discuss details, and we can make it happen.

Because every show is different and unique, It is best to call the office and speak to a representitive. 905-765-5553

Robert Maxwell - Jagger Entertainment

Talking about The Magically Hip and Jagger as companies

One size does NOT FIT ALL

Great news,no super fantastic news, possible borderline spectacular news as of 2015 Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell has teamed up with the good folks at Jagger Entertainment. What does this mean for you, bigger and better shows more entertainment choices! So if you are an event coordinator or this years Holiday/ Office Christmas party just dumped in your lap and you're in charge of finding suitable entertainment.This means your job just got so munch easier.Sit back and relax, put your feet up and let us do all the work booking your entertainment. Robert and Jagger Entertainment are now offering different packages for your events. As well as Robert’s stand-alone Comedy Hypnosis Show you can now have different packages. You can mix and match till the cows come home.

  • Comedy Hypnosis Show with walk around magic during cocktail hour.
  • Photo-booth
  • stand-up comedian for an opening act
  • event photographers
  • cartoon artists
  • You can mix and match any act depending on your budget. And if we don't have it we can find it.
  • Sky’s the limit, we have an unlimited roster of entertainers, venders and specialty acts.

Other benefits of Robert Maxwell and Jagger Entertainment

  • Fully Insured
  • 25+ Years Experience
  • Referals and Testimonials
  • Happy Clients, Volunteers and Audences