Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Robert Maxwell


Let your guests know in advance the entertainment is going to be a comedy Hypnosis show. Don’t keep the hypnosis event a secret.

Let your guests know in advance that the Comedy Hypnotist is a clean and ethical entertainer.

Ask how many people are willing to volunteer for the show.
Without volunteers there is no show. Volunteers on stage are the most important key to the success of the show.

Let your guests know in advance that there is no foul language or anything embarrassing used in the show.

Let your guests know that they will have the time of there lives, more fun than they have had in years, they can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. This will be something they will be talking and laughing about for years, guaranteed.(the most fun you will ever have with your clothes on!!)

How many people should be in attendance?

In order to make your event a huge success, the more in attendance the better, a minimum of 50 audience members is best; mixed both women men and. Note: for family shows and fund-raising events adults and children of all ages are more than welcome to attend and for intimate house parties at least 25 of your closest and craziest friends is recommended.

What will I need for a stage or stage area?

Whenever possible a raised stage is preferred but not always necessary. Stage to be as large as can be, where possible. Also stage must be located away from high traffic areas such as bars, kitchen doorways and washrooms. If no stage is available than a stage area is fine. When ever possible try to locate your stage so it is pushed up against the wall.

What is needed on the stage/area?

When possible 16 to 20 sturdy comfortable sturdy armless chairs provided for volunteers, depending on the size of the stage. This will be discussed prior to the show.

Should the heat or air conditioning be on during the show?

If a room is too hot or too cold during the show the volunteers maybe uncomfortable, therefore the room must be a comfortable temperature prior to the time of the show. Arrangements should be made prior to the show to adjust the temperature.

Where should the audience be?

The audience should not be too close as to touch or talk too or distract the volunteers on stage but close enough to feel comfortable and have a good sight line of the stage.

Will I need a sound system?

In most cases, Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell supply’s a professional 1200 watt sound system including main speakers, monitors, mp3 player and cordless microphone. For out of town engagements sound system will be required and that will be discussed prior to the hypnosis event.

Are hypnosis shows safe? Is being hypnotized safe?

The answers is YES, Hypnosis is a normal natural state of mind, a state in which the body experiences deep physical and mental relaxation while your mind remains clear, focused and alert at all times. A person naturally enters this state dozens of times a day any ware from a few seconds to sometimes hours on end. Example – Many of us daydream from time to time, or are in the middle of a conversations and we go to say a word and forget “it’s on the tip of my tongue” These are a couple examples of the natural state of hypnosis. On stage you have a greater sense of mental and physical relaxation as it feels like hours of natural sleep!!! Time for a nap.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

The answer is YES, Any person who has the ability to focus and concentrate and has at least an average intelligence and can go into hypnosis. The easier a person is able to concentrate and focus and the more intelligent a person is, the easier it is for him or her to go into a hypnotic trance.

Is hypnosis mind control?

The answer is YES (just kidding). Above all, you must be totally willing to go into hypnosis. No one can hypnotize you if you don’t want too be, It’s that simple.

Can the Hypnotist make me do anything against my will on or off the stage?

The answer is NO! A comedy hypnotist cannot make you do anything against your will or against your ethics, off stage or on stage and besides why would he?

What you have seen in the movies or on television is just Hollywood fantasy. Your mind has natural defenses against harmful suggestions. And besides Comedy Stage Hypnotist Robert Maxwell is an ethical stage performer.

What types of shows does Comedy Hypnotist Robert offer?

Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell can offer a clean comedy hypnotist show ideal for family fund-raisers, theaters, corporate events and public events and so much more.

He also offers an all adult show, 19 plus with more adult humor and jokes, but never overstepping the boundaries of good taste. You will be able to go to work the next day and not have to worry.