Corporate Event Entertainment

Robert’s Comedy Hypnosis Show has been one of the top selling shows at the Black Forest Inn, and we definitely will be having him back again!
Keith Burton, Entertainment Manager

On behalf of all in attendance we would like to thank Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell for an excellent night of entertainment. The Comedy Hypnosis show was as promised clean and externally funny. Everyone had a fantastic time.
Debbie McIntosh, Scotiabank Stratford

It’s been weeks since the Comedy Hypnosis show and everyone is still talking about your Paris Hilton routine. I haven’t laughed that hard in years, thanks again for the great show.
John Watt, Lakefield Legion

I have never laughed so much in my life, your show was hilarious everyone is still talking about how much fun they had. Thank you for everything. We will definitely have you back again.
Greg Coulson, Brampton Firefighter

Robert thank you so much for being part of our Haiti Fundraiser. Not only did we have a great night of entertainment but we raised over $2300.00 for Haiti Relief.
Joanne Klonikowski, Palmerton Lions

Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell will make you a believer! At first I was a little skeptic but after watching my wife on stage I am a believer. I have never laughed so much and so hard in my life.
Scott Vanhoof, Port Dover

I have seen several different Comedy Hypnotists in the past but Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell is “King” your respect for the volunteers on stage was paramount, everyone in my group totally impressed with your ability to command the stage. We have had the Robert Maxwell Comedy Hypnosis Show five times now and everyone here just love the show and we will defiantly have him back again.
Gary Tait, BHP Billiton

The Robert Maxwell Comedy Hypnosis Show was as he promised clean and very respectful, we will be booking Hypnotist Robert Maxwell again, thank-you for making our corporate event a huge success.
Donna Allen, RBC

As a Comedy Hypnotist for our corporate event Hypnotist Robert Maxwell was an excellent choice. Robert was very professional and made everyone feel total at ease. People were talking for weeks about how much fun they had.
Heather Weaver, Water Depot

We have had Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell as a hypnotist for our staff Christmas party and again for our corporate meeting and both times everyone was impressed with Roberts ability to entertain.
Kelly Thompson, Coverall Building Supplies

High school Hypnotist Robert Maxwell was fantastic, his Comedy Hypnosis show was the best we have ever had we have already booked him again for next year.
Donna McMahn, Coverall Dunnville High School

On behalf of the student body, faculty members and students’ council, I would like to extend our gratitude to Comedy Hypnotist Robert Maxwell for performing such a remarkable and memorable show. The responses of student’s were all positive and astounding. Everyone had a blast, we were all on the floor laughing from the beginning right until the end. All of the jokes were clean and school appropriate. Not only is this an amazing show but it is a show that will build school spirit for years to come. Your organization, promptness and dependability made my job as President TEN TIMES easier. Student’s and Teachers who have seen numerous comedy hypnotist shows before have all come to the same conclusion that, “Robert Maxwell is the BEST!”. I will be contacting you in the next few months to book our show for next year. Thank you for such an extraordinary show.
Malcolm Paul Gagnon, Waterford District High School

Okay you did it, you said you would make us all believers and YOU DID! At our recent Staff and Volunteer Recognition Event, held on May 16, 2010, you hypnotized a group of people of differing ages and sexes and you made our event spectacular. The fact that one of the volunteers hypnotized was my husband, (Tom), I can truly say that he was well and truly under your spell. Everyone that attended is still talking about everything that happened that night. It was only last night when Tom and I watched the DVD that he saw all the things that he did. He laughed and laughed and he finally realized why we all had such a good time.Everything was done safely and was all in good fun. We would highly recommend your show to anyone. Thank you for being available and for such an excellent time. You are welcome to use me as a reference for your show and we hope to have you perform for us again.
Pat Broughton, YMCA Oakville

I have never laughed so hard in all my life, you are with out a doubt a Master of your craft. Everyone has been talking about how much fun they had and the laughs were non stop form start to finish.
Pat McDonald

I was amazed that we sold out so quickly, everyone had a fantastic time, we will definitely be having you back again!
Family Paradise Campgrounds

Robert thank you for the great shows, your family show was fantastic and your all adult show has over the top hilarious, my wife said she couldn’t stop laughing, your Dez the monkey routine was pee your pants funny.
Bill Caixeiro, Portugese Club of Harrow